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Education is more than just teaching; it is loving, caring, showing, communicating, and growing. Our hope is that everyone who reads these blogs leaves with an idea for betterment of classroom and entire ecosystem!

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 Overcoming School Phobia
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 Words Can Inspire
 Helping Children Cope with Worries
 Helping Children Succeed
 Helping Children Cope with School Transitions
 Gifted Children
 Helping Children Cope after a Natural Disaster
Emotional Abuse of Children
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 Effective Communication
 Effective Praise
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Value of education vs. Value education.
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Change in the educational scenario with time.
Building Character in Students
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Few important questions to prepare before you go for teaching job interview.
Key criteria on which effectiveness of any lesson is measured
Its very important for every teacher to follow learner centric approach
Motivating learner is one the key role to be performed by any teacher.
What is my ULTIMATE DUTY as a father/mother/teacher/member of society/...........