How Teachers Can Earn Extra Money While Working From Home

Posted By Pankaj Mishra |2019-09-02 07:01

How teachers can earn extra money while working from home?

In India teaching is not one of the highest-paid jobs. Though one can refer the 7th pay commission’s recommendation for the salary of teachers, however, a true fact is that majority of teachers are working in private schools and as per consolidated data from job portals, the average salary for private teachers is Rs 16,000 only.  In such a scenario, teachers need some alternate options of income, however, many of them don’t have much idea regarding how to earn extra money without rushing from pillar to post. Here we are listing a few such options which could be used by teachers to make extra money without much hassle.

  • Content creations: Teachers commands good knowledge of their respective subjects. If you have a flair for writing then this could be the best option for you. Send your sample Write-up the editors in Publication houses, Education companies as they constantly need quality writers. In case you want to polish your writing skills, there are numerous online courses that you can do.
  • Freelance works: Register yourself on various websites offering freelance services in the education sector., Upwork, Nerdy Turtlez are a few among many. On these sites you can select the work that you want to bid for and then if things go according to you, you can earn money while offering your freelance services.
  • Solution authoring: There are numerous sites where you can register yourself and solve questions posted by students and get decent payouts for the same., and are a few among many others. On such websites, you can work as per your chosen timings, from a place of your comfort and on a topic that you are confident upon. The cherry on the top is that there is no minimum commitment required for most these solution authoring portals.
  • Taking online classes: If you have a flair for teaching global students and have good internet connectivity, you must try providing online classes to learners across the globe. There are various platforms providing such opportunities. A few of such platforms are listed below
  • Work From Home Jobs
  • CheggTutors
  • Smarthinking
  • Transtutor
  • Vedantu
  • Freelance training: You can also opt to work as freelance trainers or visiting faculties at various institutions. Such organisations are always looking for quality trainers and teachers who can facilitate training over weekends or during the weekdays on assignment basis. As freelance trainers you can expect any amount between Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000 per day, obviously, the income would depend on your profile and the experience you are carrying. However, in this kind of assignments you need to step out of the comfort of your home.

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