Educators who became the change maker

Education is more than just teaching; it is loving, caring, showing, communicating, and growing. Our hope is that everyone who reads these blogs leaves with an idea for betterment of classroom and entire ecosystem!

Pooja Anjanikar, Principal - Orchids The International School
Dr. Sharmila Nagraj Nandula, Founder - Kaumudi Studio
Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, Principal, C.N. M & N. D. Parekh Preprimary School
Anita Saxena is a passionate educationist, freelance Motivational Speaker, a Life Coach & a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.
Avishek Singh is a dedicated educationist working as a Vice Principal at Mahaveer Jain National School, Ratlam
A mentor to teachers and staff members, Sh Anjani Kumar Dubey - Vice Principal of ABS International School
Ms Bandana Jha is a confident woman who believes in skill based approach to education.
Ms. Archana Jha, Art Teacher, Tulika
Ms. Pooja Sehgal, Director, Kindheit Kindergarten
Ms. Mitali Roy, Principal, Aditya World School
Ms. Kavita Sanghvi, Principal, C.N. M & N. D. Parekh Preprimary School
Mr. Arup Mukhopadhyay, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Consultant & Chief Advisor
Ms. Supriya Srivastava, Principal Director, Innovera School
Saroj Jaiswal, Principal, Durgapur Public School
Mrs. Anupama, Educationalist, Trinity College London
Renu Mishra, Educationist, V K Patil International School
Dr Ajay Kumar Mishra, Educationalist, Billabong High International School, Noida
Dr. Pralay Kumar Ghosh, Management Educationalist (Former Director, Suryadatta Institutes of Management, Pune)
Dr. Kusum D'sa, a role model and a source of inspiration to numerous educators
Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra -Who believes that students are the curators of knowledge and hence we cannot teach them the way we were taught
Dr. Raghuveer Y.V. is a Change Maker with an open mind
Ms.Taruna Kapoor - A Change Maker who is truly passionate about children and their development
A journey from doing a hunger strike in order to get higher education to shaping young minds today.
Dr. Anshu Arora -a firm believer of 'Breaking the shackles and flying high ...'
Sangeeta Kapoor- The Harvard certified visionary Principal who is promoting the culture of questioning
Sanjeeva Kumar Sinha-The Tech-Savvy Principal who believes that humane touch is an essential part of the qualitative existence of the human race
Dr. Sumita Chhabra Ummat - Touching Lives and Making a Difference
Shalini Nambiar An Educator who is not confined to the stereotypes of the traditional education system