Educators who became the change maker

Education is more than just teaching; it is loving, caring, showing, communicating, and growing. Our hope is that everyone who reads these blogs leaves with an idea for betterment of classroom and entire ecosystem!

Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra -Who believes that students are the curators of knowledge and hence we cannot teach them the way we were taught
Dr. Raghuveer Y.V. is a Change Maker with an open mind
Ms.Taruna Kapoor - A Change Maker who is truly passionate about children and their development
A journey from doing a hunger strike in order to get higher education to shaping young minds today.
Dr. Anshu Arora -a firm believer of 'Breaking the shackles and flying high ...'
Sangeeta Kapoor- The Harvard certified visionary Principal who is promoting the culture of questioning
Sanjeeva Kumar Sinha-The Tech-Savvy Principal who believes that humane touch is an essential part of the qualitative existence of the human race
Dr. Sumita Chhabra Ummat - Touching Lives and Making a Difference
Shalini Nambiar An Educator who is not confined to the stereotypes of the traditional education system