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Posted On: 2019-09-19 21:59

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Dr. Sumita C. Ummat (Naturopath) (Director of Let us Talk, is a Learning Expert, Facilitator & Coach) With a degree in Electronics Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, Dr. Sumita C. Ummat chose to go with her passion to be a Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. Backed up with over 19 years of industry experience, she has held senior positions in various multinational companies across the globe covering Project Management, Training, Leadership and Team Mentoring.




Question 1: Please let us know more about your journey, how and from where you started?


My journey as a Mentor and Coach started in 2011 when I started to realize struggle, anxiety and the stress in the life that I had created for myself. I had a good job, a supportive family – but was not satisfied where I was – what I was doing. I wanted to contribute somewhere which could support in making this world better and lives all around happier and more secure.


Question 2: How did you deal with the challenges that you faced during the transition from an individual contributor role to a leadership role and how did you overcome those challenges?


It was difficult to find out a way to drop out of the busy corporate life – to explore what could I do to follow my passion. Everyone had a question why I wanted to disrupt my settled career. I was pretty clear on what gave me satisfaction but yes how it would look like in the real world – I had to explore with an open mind. I had to learn, unlearn and re-learn some of the earlier lessons and challenge my fears and belief systems. I had to stay committed despite the raised eyebrows and move steadily towards what I had in my mind.


Question 3: How would you describe your leadership style?


I feel am a fairly democratic leader who believes and trusts in others. I challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new to address their old patterns of thinking. I strongly believe that human beings have unlimited potential to do all that they aspire for and can make their dreams come true.


Question 4: What advice would you give to a new leader in the education sector?


Keep going – be authentic with your intentions and clarity in your mind – you can reach higher than what you can even imagine.


Question 5: What would be your ideal environment, and how would you encourage that kind of culture?


Everyone needs to work on their strengths – there is room to make mistakes, try new things and be creative. No fear of failure should prevent action.


Question 6: As being a change-maker requires intense time-management, please give examples of how you organize your day to meet the various demands and commitments required?


It is very important to set your priorities right – let go of things which are not important. Learn to say no is one of the most important lessons to stay committed to your goals.


Question 7: What is your take on the use of technology in the classroom?


Technology is a wonderful tool – limited use of technology can create wonders. However, if we allow it to govern you, it becomes a distraction which creates doubts in the minds.


Question 8: In your views what are the gaps in the current education system and how do you think we can fill those gaps?


The current education system is quite overloaded with information – memorizing just information is redundant due to the massive power of the internet world. We have to change this so that we train our minds to think, imagine and be more creative instead of just memorizing facts. This is not growth in the real sense. Just knowing things does not help – it has to be translated into action.


Question 9: How can you contribute for community e.g. sharing your knowledge in the form of write-ups, conducting webinars, sharing the use of technology in the classroom or any other area which can help the community to learn and grow?


  • Conducting sessions
  • Webinars and programs can help people think, learn and act.
"I am Ashwini and I work in the Learning and Development space with Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
At a personal level I was going through a mid-life crisis with respect to my career. I had this feeling of emptiness and not knowing how to tap into my potential in terms of work. I felt stuck and that's when I found my coach Sumita. She truly can help someone find a way and make quick progress! Today, hardly 4 months since I began my journey with Sumita and I have so much clarity. I feel extremely empowered to take things in my stride. Some real crucial breakthroughs have been possible because of her constant support!"
Says, Ashwini Amarnath Kamath ( Senior Learning & Development at Accenture)


"Sumita is a born Leader and Motivator and a highly resourceful professional. As an upcoming professional in Learning and Development Industry, she is mindful of ideas and strategies with a strong will to achieve success."
Says, Usha Chhabra ( Professor Punjab University )



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    Nice to see you follow your passion and changing others lives for better.