Anita Saxena is a passionate educationist, freelance Motivational Speaker, a Life Coach & a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

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Anita Saxena is a passionate educationist, freelance Motivational Speaker, a Life Coach & a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. She believes that she can influence anyone to introspect and find their own goals in life and attain extreme happiness by achieving them. Being a passionate educationist for three decades, she carries an innate understanding of the behaviour at different age levels. Her expertise in developing rapport with people is a privilege to make anyone share their inconveniences which helps her to guide and motivate people to drive their energy calmly in positive efforts to acquire desired outcome. As a trainer she has groomed students of different age groups in fields like Time Management, Stress Management, Social Skills, etc. Conducted training sessions for teachers about Classroom Management, Body Language, Drafting Assessments, Make Learning fun for Students etc. Also parenting sessions for parents on sensitive topics like Adolescent Parenting. Her mission is to be a catalyst in the life of people who dream big for themselves with open eyes.’


Question 1. Please let us know more about your journey, how and from where you started?
I started my career as a Primary teacher on temporary basis as I was just a graduate.


Question 2. Being a Change-maker, how can you contribute towards the betterment of the community of Teachers and Principals?
Being a life long learner I have experienced every step of this profession from a Primary teacher to Staff Training and Development Coordinator. I attended a number of training sessions, workshops and seminars to add to my knowledge and gained experience by my extreme spirit of dedication towards my work. I am sure my colleagues learn from my experience.


Question 3. What kind of support would you like to provide to teachers and fellow educators?
Answering their queries related to career advancement on Forum., Mentoring and guiding fellow educators., Organising webinars or workshop for community.


Question 4. Please mention some of your skills that can help community members.
I am a passionate learner. Whenever i was assigned any task which I was not comfortable or confident, I always used to motivate myself by the self talk saying that this task is assigned only to you because it is felt that you are the best person to do so. If you deny saying no, you are showing your incapability. The task will be done by someone but you will be the second option from next time. I'm sure people like me, who are ambitious always wish to be the first option for every challenging task and it boost us always. So guys, never say ' I can't do'. If someone else can, then surely give it a try. That's the only way to move towards your goal.


Question 5. The transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role must have required specific skills, what skills do you think are critical for teachers for such transition? Were there any challenges as well, If yes then how did you overcome those challenges?
I think one needs to be flexible enough to adapt the new techniques and technologies in the field. Being an educator we need to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. Leave EGO and be patient and empathetic. Develop rapport with students so that you in accessible for them whenever they wish to share or learn anything. In an organization, where you have people more talented than you, you always take yourself low and lose confidence. It happened with me also, but everytime the passion to prove that ICAN DO IT, took me high, I struggled to acquire necessary skills and proved myself. Of course the support and faith of my Principal and Administrator was a big source of motivation.


Question 6. How would you describe your leadership style?
I love to be with my team, enjoy celebrate and share my experience and stories with them whenever I get chance. I believe that being a leader doesn't mean to guide them the way and sit back, it is work and show them how simple and easy it is, once the gear is on things go smooth. We need to develop a friendly environment with a decorum and respect for everyone. If we respect the dignity of team members and make them feel heard when they need, they surely will be there when we need them.


Question 7. What advice would you give to a new teacher?
Today's teacher is not to teach the academics, it is said to be felicitator to hold hand of students, develop a rapport and ensure that they have faith in you. In the abundance of facts, knowledge and information all around we need to guide our students to understand 'what, where and how' to learn. Also guide them to respect each other and first be morally strong.


Question 8. What would be your ideal school environment, and how would you encourage that kind of culture?
I believe the school should have a strict discipline, no doubt in it, but then we need to make our students as well as faculty to understand discipline is to see that things are done in the right manner and in right time. It is not to bound people but to ensure that it helps everyone to utilize their time and energy in the best manner. I'm sure once reason of the system is clear everyone will enjoy following the system. It will surely take time, but once done will carry the tradition forever.


Question 9. How would you develop an inclusive environment in your school?
By making every stake holder respect each others dignity, strengths and weaknesses it is easy to accommodate everyone in the learning process. Techniques can change as per the need but first we need to see that we all are ready to welcome everyone in the family.


Question 10. As the position of a Principal requires intense time management, how do you organize your day to meet the plethora of requirements and commitments required as the School Principal?
I am working as Academic Administrator, of course feel time management a challenge. I get myself involved in so many parallel task also but I think the more are the challenges and target the more is the excitement to meet the targets. distribution of task appropriately also helps to mange the time properly and get the task done efficiently. Having a well trained team is always helpful to meet targets timely. As a head of the school, I think we should keep assigning task to the staff to make them feel motivated and feel as n integral part of the organization. It also boost them up.


Question 11. What is your opinion on the use of technology in classrooms? Were there any challenges that you faced in integrating technology?
Technology is and important part of the education. In normal days, we could have taken time to make our teachers adopt the latest ones but the pandemic made everyone switch over to it so quickly that people couldn't even realize that they already have become used to it. Now what next is needed, is to make our students as well as teachers to understand that there are positives and negatives of everything so we need to use it wisely. Above all, nothing can replace teachers, it is a fact, and best proved in these days as well.


Question 12. Do you feel there are any gaps in the present education system? If so, how do you feel one can fill those gaps?
Yes, there are gaps because of the thought of adopting new techniques, bringing revolutionary changes and the ground reality. I think we need to train our teachers and also make them morally strong to learn adopt these changes. Actually these pandemic days have drastically affected the morale of the teachers. we need to bring that up, support them, ensure that they get their dignifies position in the society. Once they are morally strong, they can support to fill all the gaps.


Question 13. Would you like to share any specific message to the community of teachers and principals?
Ijust wish to say that we all going through tough times but have not compromised on education. Be with each other support in these days, this contribution can never be overlooked or forgotten. Remember we are to impart education, no only the academics. We are making the world understand that teachers are always happy to see their students grow and same is today, will be forever. Hamaara time zarur aaega.

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