Our Story

Journey that started few years back.

Long story short....

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

While working in Japan and having a sound career in IT industry, Amit, a first generation entrepreneur, was pretty determined to use his IT expertise to bring grass root level transformation back home. Having the required business acumen, he was aware that putting his efforts in multiple domains won’t bring the desired results and henceforth after having an in-depth study of the industries and their needs he zeroed in for education Industry. As even though the industry is growing its lack essential backbone and organised structure. There are scores of schools and organisations who have mastery in academics, however, lacks the HR expertise to meet their needs of human resources. The destination of our journey is to fill this void.

Our journey started with a very precise observation of the education industry that our country doesn’t lack talents and still, there is a dearth of good teachers. The fundamental reason for this gap is the lack of platforms where right talents meet right opportunities. Especially when the industry is ready to pay handsomely to candidates bringing quality with them.

What started off from a small one-room office in Noida, India, with a team of 5 members joining Amit, has grown into a thriving company with a staff of 70+ team members based in India and abroad.

Our workforce comprises of recruiters, trainers, mentors with extensive and enriching experience of India and abroad that not only look for competent teachers for hundreds of schools in the country but also provide manpower solutions for educational organisation in US UK, Nepal, Japan, UAE and Australia.

Name any company of repute in India from education industry and most probably you may find that we are working with them. The motto of the organisation is to play the role of bridge and plug the gap between talents and corresponding opportunities. We know what we are really good at and henceforth we have focused solely on education industry only.

Our team works 24X7 to cater the need of the industry from India and abroad. No wonders that Jobors has already thousands of teachers with it and a large number of schools from India and abroad constitute our client base.

Our ambition is to maintain our unparalleled growth and setting a quality benchmark for the industry which in turn helps to develop a better society. Our goal is to become one of the best teacher resourcing company globally.