About Jobors

Our commitment is to connect teachers globally

Why we are?

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ~ Aristotle.

Just giving a close look at the state of education in our country one can easily realise that this is one of the sectors where maximum improvement is required. Being teacher is the last choice of the talents in our country on the other side of the education is the most employment-generating industry as well. What a paradox, isn’t it?

On one hand there are tens of thousands of unemployed teachers who are looking for the right opportunities and on the other hand, there are organisations who are facing a stiff dearth of talented teachers who can add value to their business. So it’s certain that something is wrong. But what’s that?

In the era of micromanagement, every industry needs it’s very own experts and expertise. The industry of education is no exceptions. There is severe need of mechanisms devoted to this particular industry. And this very specific need of dedicated mechanism is the sole driving force behind Jobors.

Undoubtedly, there are several players for providing jobs. Some are too big to understand any particular industry as they are so many verticals that they simply can’t concentrate on one particular industry. On the other side of the story there some are with so limited with their resources and networks that they can’t survive the demands of the industry. And that’s why we feel that we are perfectly placed to cater the demands of the education industry in particular.

Second, Who are we?

Jobors.com is a division of NCR Eduservices which is one the fastest growing B2B service provider in global education industry based in India.

We are a dedicated team of experts from India and abroad with great expertise in the education sector. That's right! We solely deal with education industry and help organization across the world to find great talent. We specialise in human resource planning for schools, colleges and education companies around the world as this is one of the critical area for success of any organization.

Currently, we are working with schools, colleges and education companies based in India, UK, USA, Japan, Nepal, Australia, Singapore and UAE. We cater needs of different Indian and international boards.

Enriched with five plus years of experience, with some of the most renowned organisations of India and abroad where we were able to successfully create a network of teachers, we find ourselves in a perfect place to play the role of the bridge between Talents and their relevant Opportunities in education domain.