Boost your Teaching Career by English Language Certification!

Are you an English teacher who is desperately looking forward to obtaining an international English certificate? Or is your employer very particular about your having a certificate that attests your hold on the language? Well, with the exclusive certification program in English designed by Jobors, you will easily be able to prove your command of the English language in a very short period.

Know Your Worth and Prove It

With the course we provide on the Jobors platform, you will be able to analyse your level of English and make necessary amends if you lag. You will then be able to prove your worth by taking the test that's in accordance with the internationally approved CEFR pattern.

Enhance Your Method of Delivery

Each teacher might have a different, unique method of teaching. However, with the advanced Jobors learning courseware, teachers will easily be able to deliver high-quality lessons being in sync with the needs and requirements of the present generation of students.

Updates on the Jobors Platform

With the regular updates we provide on our platform, you will comfortably gain access to the tools you may need to teach your students effectively. Moreover, you will be able to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in the education and teaching industry.

Measure Your Overall Efficiency

While most English tests largely focus on two parameters, i.e., speaking and writing, ours is a comprehensive course that tests you on all the four major parameters, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking, in line with the Common European Framework of References.

Reward Yourself To Stay Motivated

The English certification program designed by Jobors allows you to understand where you stand, allowing you to reward yourself as you speed up, moving up from one certification level to the next. With each advancement, your level of proficiency moves a notch higher.

Get Internationally Certified Right Away

The certificate that you obtain after having taken the test will have a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) that helps the university recruiters besides the employers to warrant its authenticity in a simple way. This also means that the certificate is accepted universally and holds a lot of weightage. Nonetheless, to find out what the level of your is, click on the box you see below and follow the instructions.


Certification Course

Clearing this level implies you can understand common expressions that are used in day-to-day conversations. A person with an A1 level can introduce oneself and construct simple sentences besides being able to understand, frame, and respond to simple questions. Complex sentence structures, nevertheless, may still cause some confusion in the learner. Nonetheless, one will also be able to share one’s details such as where they live, what they do, who they know, etc. In common parlance, this is considered the basic level.


Certification Course

A notch higher than the previous level, A2 is the elementary level, and it is this level that helps one build a strong foundation of the English language. Those who finish the A2 level will easily be able to understand frequently used expressions. Moreover, they will be able to describe their routine and exchange information on matters of importance. While complex and compound sentences may be encountered, the student may not feel comfortable using them. Nonetheless, the student will have a decent flow of thoughts.


Certification Course

With B1, a student enters the intermediate level. After finishing this level, a student will be able to narrate past events, construct paragraphs with ease, and describe one’s future courses of action. The student will also be able to participate in competitions that would involve one to articulate one’s thoughts. Besides, they will be capable of forming opinions and ascribing reasons for the same. It is this level where the student gets accustomed to using complex sentence structures, learning to frame them with ease.


Certification Course

Those with the B2 certification can understand complex sentence structures and make long-winded sentences without having to think much. Students will also gain a good understanding of the grammatical structures in English, and hence, will be able to correct one’s own mistakes and also that of the others. In addition, they will be able to write essays and interact with others with a high degree of grammatical accuracy and fluency. The level of vocabulary too will enhance so much that the student may seldom feel the need to refer to a dictionary.


Certification Course

This level is almost equivalent to that of a native speaker. Most of the teachers are, therefore, mandated to have at least the C1 level certification to be able to instruct others in the English language. Completing this level also means that the person can comprehend difficult and complex structures, including lengthy essays and articles with ease. Also, a C1 certified individual can express one’s thoughts orally or in written in more than one way, for he will then be acquainted with the many sentence patterns that exist in English.


Certification Course

This is the highest level in the CEFR pattern, and gaining a C2 certification means that the individual is an expert user. Students with this level, thus, will have no difficulty at all in understanding a native speaker or interpreting different accents. They can work as teachers, editors, content writers, and if they know more than one language, even translators. They will also be able to take part in extempores and debates besides being able to deliver highly refined speeches. In the literary world, those with the C2 certification are considered an asset.