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A self-motivated, energetic person with an undaunted zeal, love, and passion for children and their development, Ms. Taruna Kapoor is always willing to learn, explore and implement her knowledge, skills, and venture into exploring the newer and interesting role in the education domain. With 18 years of experience in teaching and management in the education industry, Ms. Taruna Kapoor, Principal of Ramagya School, Dadri strives to provide a holistic development environment to her students and is a Change Maker who feels that children have immense potential, which only needs to be tapped for them to excel.



Question 1. Please let us know more about your journey, how and from where you started?
I was only twenty when I started as a pre-nursery teacher at a school called "Chintles" I stayed there for two years. After that, I joined D.P.S. as a K.G Teacher for a year and then I was given the responsibility of a class coordinator of pre-primary. Therefore, I served as the head at Allen House, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. This took around 16 years. Thereafter, I worked as a principal at wisdom Valley Global School Palwal for a year. Now I am at Ramagya Dadri working as a Principal.



Question 2. How can you contribute towards the growth & development of the community?
As an educationist, I feel that we have to shoulder greater responsibility towards the society to ensure that the children become responsible citizens of the world who would be able to shoulder the responsibility and uphold various tasks which require serious attention to urge us towards a progressive society where the children become responsible citizens of the world. Where the children who are the adults of tomorrow, support peace, care about the environment, go green avoid hazardous substances like plastics and promulgate communal harmony and non-violence in all its forms.



Question 3. What kind of support can you provide to teachers and fellow educators?
Answering their queries related to career advancement on Forum.



Question 4. Your key skills which can help community members.
Through Skype – Being the citizen not only of India but of the entire world. Knowing and participating, trying to eliminate the global problems like the threat of plastics, scarcity of water, women empowerment and so on. By being and helping the other teachers to be sensitive to the needs of parents and children.



Question 5. How did you deal with the challenges that you faced during the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role & how did you overcome those challenges?
The responsibilities multiplied due to the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role mainly because I worked with the start-up schools so it was primarily in my hands to expand the school, to work towards it, groom the teachers, to deliver good results, to enable children to participate and win in almost everything they could lay their hands on (according to their interests) To understand children, teachers- their strengths and weaknesses. For carrying out all the responsibilities, keeping fit and time management was very important. I worked on both.



Question 6. How would you describe your leadership style?
I prefer to involve my teachers into the work on the decisions I take, wherever there is some problem being faced by the teachers, I don’t like to keep them waiting. My teachers keep working enthusiastically even after school ends, and I have to force them to go back. We are like a big family.



Question 7. What advice would you give to a new teacher?
I would ask them to fly, to have dreams, to soar high but to keep their feet firmly on the ground.



Question 8. What would be your ideal school environment and how would you encourage that kind of culture?
Teamwork, cooperation with each other, lend each other a helping hand when required. Be like one big family. We all have negative and positive points in our personalities good qualities to be enhanced and poor qualities to be minimized if not fully eliminated.



Question 9. How would you develop an inclusive environment in your school?
An inclusive environment in classrooms (disabled students in the same class ) gives a boost to the confidence of such students. They feel better equipped to face the challenges of life. When they study play, eat, drink with normal students it is easier for them to overcome their inferiority complex. In our country, the infrastructure should be developed to help the disabled. Like they have in many foreign countries which enables the students to concentrate on their abilities rather than cursing their fate for the disability.



Question 10. As the position of a Principal requires intense time management how do you organize your day to meet the plethora of requirements and commitments required as the school principal?
It occurs to me that instead of having 24 hours in a day, why can’t we have 48 hours because there is so much to be done and the time is too little. But I try to make the best use of my time and divide the time according to the various requirements and commitments. But I attend to all the requirements then and there and do not want to postpone the work. I do not want my teacher to keep waiting, I try to solve their queries then and there. Though it is difficult yet I manage the credit goes to positive thinking and hard work which I never shirk.



Question 11. What is your opinion on the use of technology in classrooms? Were there any challenges that you faced in integrity technology?
The use of technologies in education is to make learning more interesting and easier. The use of technology has changed the face of education.



Question 12. Do you feel there are any gaps in the present education systems? If so, how do you feel one can fill the gaps?
Generally speaking, the learning gap refers to the relative performance of individual students i.e. the disparity between what a student has actually learned and what he or she was expected to learn at a particular age. Schools that close achievement gaps focus on improving learning for all students maintaining a “No Excuses Attitude”, research and data to improve practice. Everyone must be involved in the process of improvement, do not be pulled down with difficulties and setbacks and encourage achievements which also need to be celebrated.



Question 13. Your message to your readers.
Children have immense potential, which only needs to be tapped. A step taken in the right direction can do wonders, who knows tomorrow, a child from your class become a scientist, a doctor, an engineer or a Prime Minister or a President. So let us not underestimate our children and give them the best to take out the best from them.



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  • Vinita Sharma on 2019-10-13 17:10:09
    Taruna mam is a wonderful person. She understands and give wings to their kids to fly. Her support for their students is amazing. I have been in contact with for many years, every time with great energy she responds.