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How to clear job interviews with ease?


Time Management is the most basic yet the toughest challenge anyone can face in a professional field and this has become one of the most trending topics of discussion in the teaching field. The job of a teacher just never gets done. Since the teachers have to deal with a class full of students and their parents, along with the school management board (sometimes), they don’t get enough time for themselves. They lack the number of hours in a day to prep for the school the next day which leads to a disorganized fashion of conduct and as a result of which there are chances that they land up in trouble. If you’re one of them, then this article brings you some tips and tricks which will help you save a few hours for yourself and your life outside the school.
1. To-do list –
Preparing a to-do list before starting your work is the best method to plan your day. It prepares you to take control of your routine which you’ll find productive as your day gets over. You can keep a checklist of the tasks you’ll be doing the very day. Later that night, you can check if you managed to complete all those tasks within your desired time frame.
2. Segregate your Papers –
Managing papers at your office can be the most overwhelming task of your profession. Make sure you segregate and categorize your papers systematically with different tools like files and folders, sticky notes, paper pins, staplers, etc.
3. Focus while grading –
Another neck-breaking task is grading your students based on their assignments or tests. Often, teachers can miss a few marks here and there or do otherwise while evaluating papers. Unfortunately, this makes you go through all the answer sheets again which consumes much of your time. Try to make fewer mistakes in this department so that you can prevent complains from others.
4. Avoid interacting with parents every other day –
Parents are often worried about their children and they are always on the edge of complaining and yelling at the teachers. It is important to attend to the questions of the parents, but it is advised that you set a time in a week. All the concerns of the parents should be aided within the time you have set for them.
5. Avoid piling up –
Avoid procrastination and piling up your tasks for the next day or next week. Procrastination is indirectly proportional to your time management and productivity.

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