15 Habits To Being An Effective Teacher

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Effective Teacher

Being an effective teacher means a teacher who can diagnose problems early, who can roll with changes, and balance a line between a ruler and a leader.

These 15 habits will help you sharpen your teaching and help to create a positive impact on your students. Few are about attitude and others are basic approaches to class structure, but these habits will help you to be an effective teacher.

Habits for Building Relationships


They Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care


These 6 habits will help you to strengthen your relationships with your students.

#1. Always Trust Your Students

It’s essential that you grow a trust between your students and their energy to help you learn more about yourself and your methods.

#2. Smile More & More

It’s a good habit because your smile can encourage your, You should always smile when you talk to your student, It doesn't matter you are engaging in a group or individually.

#3. Remember The Name

It might seem small, but the habit of learning the names of your students will help you to become an effective teacher because this habit will show that you care about them, which will enhance your relationship.

#4. Embrace Enlightened Ignorance

Enlightened ignorance means you admit that there are things you don’t know any questions and you can’t answer. This habit will help you search for those answers as well as inspire students to learn, as well. Your student will see that learning is a lifelong process.

#5. Always Focus On The Students

As a teacher, Keep your focus and energy directed toward your students, and your teaching will get better and better.

#6. Publicly Praise Positive Behavior

You can build a good relationship with your students by celebrating their achievements and this kindness matters a lot.

Classroom Management Habits

Classroom management will help you build a better classroom and more engaging learning environment.

#7. Lead By Example

If you want your students to treat others with respect then show them model behavior.

#8. Set Definite Goals

You should plan the specific goals accordingly if you want students to achieve by the end of the week, the semester, and the year.

#9. Student Feedback

It's the best way for teachers to be effective, particularly with younger students, is to ask them what activities they’ve enjoyed and then use those answers to mold upcoming events.

#10. Get There Early

Showing up early and getting your lesson ready is an easy but effective way to be prepared for a day of teaching.

#11. Break The Rules

Use different sources to get your lessons across. If it works, it works.

#12. Stay Upbeat

This one’s tough but aim to always be upbeat and energetic, and to create a dynamic working environment.

#13. Let Them Teach Each Other

Let students question each other about certain subjects before turning to the teacher for help.

#14. Keep An Eye Out For New Tools

Effective teachers always keep an eye out for new tools from textbook to software for students to use in the classroom.

#15. Create Rules & Stick With Them

Few teachers let students choose their seats, while others dictate a seating chart.Whatever you do, stick with it. Consistency provides a structure that builds trust, which helps to teach.



These habits will help you build a better relationship between you and your students and help you to become an effective teacher.

Following are more habits which you can adapt:

  • Build A student’s confidence
  • Work on your communication skills:
  • Be precise
  • Emphasize problem-solving
  • Use practical examples
  • Emphasize safety in your classroom
  • Study individual students

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