Change in the educational scenario with time.

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“The small moon can eclipse the great sun.

I too can do great things, if I set myself in right place at the right time.”


‘Education’…, what is education? What does this word actually mean and how it plays an important role in an individual’s life? Education is a process of passing on past real life experiences or learning from one to another, in order to make everyone aware of the facts which could help them to survive life using or refraining those incidents which had already been experienced by the one who is passing on this knowledge.

From this wider sphere, I desire, in the following words, to remain aloof as far as possible. The greater part what I have to say will not be dependent on the views that I may happen to hold as regards the major controversies of our age. But complete independence in this regard is impossible.


Change in the educational scenario with time 


“By the sea, I find my focus, here is a space to be myself, commune with surf, sand and sky.”


The education we desire for our kids must be dependent on our ideals of human character, and our hopes as to be the part they are to play in the community. A pacifist will not desire for his children the education which seems good to a militarist; the educational outlook of a communist will not be the same as that of an individualist. To come to a more fundamental cleavage, there can be no agreement between those who regard education as a mean of instilling certain definite beliefs, and those who think that it should produce the power of independent judgement. Where such issues seem to be relevant, it could be idle to shirk them. At the same time, it has already been produced very important results but a great deal remains to be done. Initial five years of life have been found to have an importance far greater than that of formerly attribute to them.


What I have to say is the outcome of the inability to deal with in this regard to my own children; therefore, it is not remote or theoretical and may I, hope, help to clarify the thoughts of other parents faced with a like perplexity.

Initially, this process of education was done verbally or sometimes visually. But these days, things have changed. Education has also taken a makeover. In this modern and digital world, education has also become digitalized and plays a crucial role to every single individual, whether it is either by learning or playing. Yes, the scenario has changed but we cannot ignore old methods or ways to learn and explore you. In this digital world, everything from learning to playing has become electronic. Which is somehow good and somehow bad as well? Kids of this generation are getting hang of this modernization and no one is looking onto the consequences of it.


I might discuss intellectual education, its possibilities, curriculum and aims, from the beginning of reading and writing at the very last stage of the university years. The further education which men and women derive from life and this world, I shall regard it as out of my scope. But in order to make them that much capable of learning from their own and other's experiences, should be one of the aims which early education should keep most prominently in mind.


Psychologists at the Temple University have revealed, "The old-fashioned toys allow children to experiment with their imaginations & creativity, thus proving much healthier for kids. Old-fashioned retro toys such as red rubber ball, simple building blocks, clay and crayons etc. that do not cost so much and are usually hidden in the back shelves are usually much healthier for children than the educational toys that have fancier boxes & are costlier too."


Agreed, these modern ways of education have saved lots of time and energy too & connected our kids to the world but we cannot put the existence of old methods on risk. To keep our self or our kids as parent imaginative or creative, modern and old methods of education should be balanced as per the need. The overreaching principle is that the children are active creative problem solver & discoverer. Your child gets to build his or her imagination around these simpler toys; the toys do not command what your child does but your child commands what the toys do.


We cannot respect a method of education as satisfactory as it is one which couldn't possibly be universal. The children of rich often get in addition to their mother, a nurse, a nursery maid, and a share in other domestic servants. Whereas the children of poor don't receive the chance to get a proper education.


Roberta Golinkoff, head of the Infant Language Project at theUniversity of Delaware said, "Electronic educational toys boost brain development & that they are going to give your child a head start. The toy manufacturers are playing on parent's fear that our children will be left behind in this global marketplace. Kids are not like empty vessels to be filled. If they play with toys that allow them to be an explorer, they are more likely to learn important lessons about how to master their world."


Nevertheless, I believe the whole controversy to be unreal. As soon as the terms are defined, it melts away.

At the end of my words, let us have look back over the street, to obtain a bird's eye view of the system we have travelled, "Knowledge wielded by love is what the educator needs and what his pupil should acquire."

Success isn’t the matter of being the best & winning the race,

Success is a matter of handling the worst & still finishing the race.”

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    A very thought provoking blog.Defining the actual scenario and opportunity and resources available to a pupil.
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    Retry insightful article, paves way to look at the art of designing education with a new perspective altogether!!
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