Teaching Tips: How to ‘use’ your knowledge?

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Teaching Tips: How to ‘use’ your knowledge?


Teaching Tips: How to ‘use’ your knowledge?
Knowledge alone is not sufficient for a teacher. How the teacher uses the knowledge he possesses for the benefit of others is what matters in the long run. Furthermore, knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous. This means that if a seemingly knowledgeable teacher doesn’t possess the ability to discern, he may end up doing more harm than good. If you're a teacher looking forward to being an influencer besides wanting to use your knowledge efficaciously, here are five things that may be of help to you:-
1. Focus
A good teacher never loses his focus. He knows the areas that he needs to focus on so he may keep his student contented. Bringing in such sharp focus, however, is not a child’s play. It involves proper planning and an urge to execute one’s duties with perfection. This is not to say that a teacher ought to be a perfectionist. A perfectionist broods over his imperfections and gets upset very soon. A focussed teacher, on the other hand, tries his best to be perfect, but imperfections seldom take a toll on his mental health.
2. Consistency
A good teacher is consistent. He is not frustrated by the monotony of daily life and tries to come up with new methods to keep his students occupied. A consistent teacher respects his student’s time. Not only is he always in time for his sessions, but he doesn’t fail a bit to adhere to the schedule. Also, he prepares well for each of his sessions and is eager to clarify his students’ doubts.
3. Sharing
‘Sharing is caring’ is an adage worth mentioning here. A good teacher is one who shares his knowledge with ease. He is like a candle that burns itself to give light. But he knows that unlike a candle, knowledge doesn't get diminished. He also learns something new every day and allows his students to air their thoughts without any fear of getting judged. Furthermore, upon learning something nice, he shares it with his students. By doing so, both he and his students enjoy the give-and-take.
4. Craving to learn more
Learning is for eternity. A wise teacher knows that and always finds ways and means to better the existing skills. He researches well and never gets bored. The craving to learn helps such a teacher to act responsibly. He also lets his students know that it is possible to learn something every day. He doesn’t chastise his students for making mistakes but tells them how they can get better by learning from their mistakes. With such an attitude, he ensures his students don’t feel dejected, thereby making them inch closer to success.
5. Lacks pretentiousness
Good teachers aren’t pretentious, for they know well that they don’t need to prove their worth. Many teachers earn a reputation simply by adopting good strategies. Their work speaks for itself.

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