Few important questions to prepare before you go for teaching job interview.

Posted By Pankaj Mishra |2017-06-29 07:41

Some of the common questions that you may expect during an interview for your first teaching jobs are listed below, this post might help you in your job interview.


·         Tell us about yourself and what keeps you motivated?

·         What values you can add to the school?

·         How do you know when you have had a good class?

Explain your choice:

·         What made you apply for this job?

·         Why have you opted for teaching as a profession?

Related to professional issues in the classroom :

·         Let us know about your particular strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?

·         Tell us about the worst/best lesson you have given. What would you do differently?

·         How do you define learner autonomy?

·         How do you judge progress made by the pupils?

·         If one visited your classroom, what could he/she expect to see?

·         How would you encourage equal opportunities in the classroom/school?

·         How would you support children who have language difficulties?

·         How could be a child's self-esteem and aspirations raised?

·         What is the purpose of setting lesson objectives?

·         We would like to know your views about discipline?


Related to career development :

·         What could be the role of a feedback in developing yourself as a professional teacher?

·         Where do you see yourself in five years?


Answering Questions: Interview Performance Tips

·         Besides what you say, how you say is important. Your body language and expression along with your tone of voice reveal you are actually, so the panel would be keenly observing the same.

·         Answers should be elaborate enough to demonstrate how you stand out from other applicants and must be supported with examples wherever possible.

·         Taking time to think before answer is fine.

·         Asking for clarification if the question is unclear is a good practice.


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