How to clear job interviews with ease?

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How to clear job interviews with ease?


How to clear job interviews with ease?
Have you ever passed a written exam with flying colours but failed an interview miserably? Well, if your response to this question is ‘yes’, you’d better read this article. For in this article, we have underscored some important points that you need to keep in mind before appearing for an interview. But before we get started, it is worth mentioning that as teachers you need to build a strong and adorable image -an image that will stand out, an image that will make you unique. A large number of teachers pass written exams comfortably every year, but when it comes to being interviewed, they flunk. The reasons for their failings along with some suggestions to turn these failings into successes are given point-wise below:-


1. Be brimming with confidence
When it comes to interviews, what a potential teacher lacks is confidence. Confidence is not only shown in tackling the interviewer’s questions quite well but also in maintaining one’s calm and composure throughout the interview. You might want to try your luck in a good school or you might want to join a private institute. Anyhow, whatever your options are, you have to understand that you’ll be tested on a variety of parameters. First and foremost, be brimming over with confidence come what may. Discourse coherently, and speak your mind. Have an optimistic outlook, and give them a strong reason to select you.
2. Intelligence matters, emotions matter more
You must have heard of the phrase ‘emotional quotient’. But if you thought this was just a hoax, you were mistaken. You perhaps know that intelligence quotient matters a lot. And we don’t say it doesn’t. Notwithstanding, it’s worth stating that interviewers would like to know how equipoised you would be in testing times. There is little doubt that educational institutions have come to recognise the value of teachers who remain unperturbed during good and bad times alike. But how exactly do they test your emotional quotient? Well, they may make you wait for hours, or at times may throw uncomfortable questions at you. Remember that if you give up, you lose. Stay calm, stay focussed, and you’re sure to attain success.
3. Don’t quit. Ever.
One of the main reasons a lot of people who pass teaching exams with ease don’t get the job of their choice is because they stop trying if they fail in an interview. One of the golden rules of success is ‘never give up.’ There may be hardships, and you will come under pressure. But that’s exactly when you have to stay strong and keep going. If you don’t get selected twice or thrice, keep trying. Each attempt will make you a better person, and a day will come when you obtain what you desired all along.



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