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Teaching Beginners

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Here are the 5 Success Tips for Teaching Beginners

#1. Be Consistent

At the beginning of each year, the children will be testing your boundaries. They will want to know that you are someone they can trust, someone they can believe. So if you say you will do something next lesson, be sure to follow through.

Carry some post-it notes with you to make a note of anything you tell the student you will do. Put the note in your manual so you'll see it when you prepare your next lesson.

People follow first by seeing. Begin by showing the movement and describing what’s happening.

#2. Give attention to those who need it

Some students seem to need more attention than others and they'll do what's necessary to get it. For such students, even negative attention is better than none. You'll soon discover who these students are and it pays to give them positive attention before they seek it. Often all it takes is to make eye contact and say something to them, using their name, on the way into a class or before the lesson starts.

#3. Be Positive

Tell the students what you want them to do, not what you don't want them to do. Eg If a student is rocking on their chair, instead of saying 'Don't rock on your chair' say 'All chair legs on the floor please.' Use this 'speak positively' principle in all you say and encourage the student to be positive with each other.

#4. Creating the right atmosphere

Students learn as much from what they see and sense as from what they hear and read. The younger the student they less reliant they are on words for learning. Use simple props to add fun and interest. Show pictures and objects and ensure every student can see. Use your voice to express emotion that will convey meaning. Use music during activity times to create an atmosphere in a learning situation that students will enjoy and want to be a part of.

#5. Learn names as quickly as possible

Make every effort to learn names quickly. If you're in a school, ask for a class list beforehand. Use the list to write comments that will help you get to know who's who.


Follow these simple and effective steps to begin your career in teaching and achieve success as a teaching beginner.

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