8 Best Interview Tips For Teaching Job

Posted By Prakhar Tyagi |2020-01-03 14:08

Best Interview Tips For Teaching
Here are the 8 best interview tips for teaching Job from the administrators who hire them.

#1. Research The School

Do your homework on this school's programs and challenges. Know what they care about and what they are focusing on right now.

#2. Bring "Snapshots"

Most interviewers will ask for specific examples from your work history. So be prepared to talk about successful and unsuccessful lessons, challenging situations, and times when you showed initiative.

#3. Focus on students

Clearly, convey how much you value relationships with students and student learning.

#5. No Bad-Mouthing

Speaking negatively about past employers, co-workers, students, or parents makes YU look bad, Instead, describe past challenges in terms of what you learned.

#6. Be Nice To Everyone

Your interview starts the moment you enter the building, so make a good impression on everyone you meet.

#7. Scrub Your Social Media

They can check and they don't even need to be your friend to see things, so clean it up before you even apply.

#8. Be Yourself

Talking about your unique passions and interests will show what you have to offer and make you stand out, but stick to positive, school-appropriate things.

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