Are You Looking For A Job? 10 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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 Looking For A Job

Silly Mistakes Are Like You Are Going For A War And You Forget To Carry Your Weapons.


Every year several graduates and master graduates appear in job interviews to get their dream job but they lose the opportunities because of common mistakes.

Opting wrong strategies while preparing may dampen your performance. The precious time you have spent on your education and the hard work you have done may be abolished by a single mistake. So, when you are stepping ahead towards your career for lakhs of other job seeker are aspiring too, it's very important for you to have a keen watch over your every single move.


10 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid If You Are Looking For A Job.


#1. Spelling Mistakes

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression so don't do spelling mistakes on your resume.  


#2. A Fun Email Address

Mostly boy does this mistake and creates funny emails. For Example - "Don't Do This"

Think twice before creating an email, because your email is your contact address in a digital world and people don't want to get in touch with those who give bad vibes.


#3. Using Lazy Words


Don,t use lazy words, especially on your resume like using "etc" and abbreviations. Following is a list of lazy words, You should avoid in your resume:

  • One of
  • Some
  • Thing
  • To Be
  • Very
  • Words that end with “-ly”
  • Mostly, most times, in order to, often, oftentimes


#4. The Wrong Resume For The Job


Always ask yourself: Does this version of my resume fit with this job? If not! then prepare an effective resume according to the job profile. Try to add those skill set which is required in a job description.


#5. A Resume Without Any Offer


A resume that says nothing is useless for the employer because successful resumes don’t just tell about your qualifications — they sell you as the ideal package. In selling yourself through your resume, you instill excitement by selling your relevant qualifications for the job. The key is to list your background facts in such a way that the employer views them as benefits.


#6. A Job Application Without Cover Letter


If you are not including a cover letter in you your job application it means you are losing the opportunities. Always use a cover letter to explain your interest and as a way to sell yourself quickly.


#7. Badly Dressed At The Interview


Whenever you go for an interview, always better to be overdressed than undressed because smart never goes out of fashion for an employer.


#8 Dirty or Messy Hair


Your personal hygiene really does make an impression and if you are not looking presentable means you are losing an opportunity.


#9 Inconsistent Information


Get your dates and details right before speaking in front of interviewer because inconsistent information can be a big reason for missing a good job. Whatever you write on your resume it should be true and you should remember the whole resume at your fingertips.

For Example - Interviewer asks about a skill and you answer -- "you don't know" about it but you've mentioned that skill in your resume. It'll create a bad impression and interviewer can assume that your whole resume is a big lie.


#10. No, Follow Up


If you send an email or call a day or two after the interview you will impress them with your enthusiasm. Because a large number of job seekers hesitate to follow up with a recruiter and it is the worst mistake they do. Follow up is your right and you have right to understand - Why you've not qualified the interview and on the basis of recruiter feedback you can work on that to qualify your next interview.



It's a number game the more applications you make the better your chance but you should be confident, punctual, presentable and always try to avoid mentioned 10 common mistakes if you are really looking for a job.

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