Diversity Matters

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Diversity Matters


Diversity Matters


Teaching in classrooms may have become a thing of the past, at least for the time being, but that shouldn’t in any way come in between maintaining diversity in online sessions. When sessions were confined within four walls of a room, different students sitting together and interacting with one another contributed to a kind of diversity. However, with online sessions becoming the norm, teachers have to take it upon themselves to ensure that diversity doesn’t go down the drain.
So, what can the teachers do to make online sessions more diversified and interesting? Here are some suggestions from our end:-


1. Getting to know the needs of the students
Understanding a student is extremely important to ensure that sessions are planned to meet the student’s demands. The satisfaction of a student matters a lot, and it is the teachers who need to create a friendly environment.


2. Experimenting with different teaching styles


Diversity in teaching is as important as any other diversity. Teachers ought to experiment with different teaching methods and adopt a strategy that goes best with a particular student. Some students may have different needs, so there is nothing wrong with having a different approach for such students. What needs to be noted, however, is that students should be allowed to air their views freely and shouldn’t feel threatened by the teacher’s presence.


3. Initiating group discussions amongst students


So what if students can’t have face-to-face interactions? It is always possible for a teacher to make conference calls and allow students to discuss the concepts taught without any fear of being judged. Not only will this contribute to an exchange of diverse ideas among the students, but it will also facilitate the learners.


4. Underlining the importance of diversity


Regardless of the subject being taught, teachers can spare 10 minutes every week to highlight the importance of cultural and ethnical diversity in a country like India. With moral lessons taking a backseat now, teachers can do their bit to ensure that students learn how important it is to respect different viewpoints.


5. Lending a keen ear


Everyone likes to be heard. A great teacher is not someone who just explains the concepts well but one who also listens and apprehends the problems of the students. Besides focussing on the lesson plan, teachers could set aside five minutes to hear the students out and analyse the ways and means to assist the student. Moreover, teachers must appreciate their students regularly lest the latter should get demotivated. A good teacher is always a good listener.

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