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Teachers have a very different type of a journey. We can say that they only come to the class and teach. But they have a lot other roles to play in the life of a child whom they teach. A teacher spends a lot of time with the students molding them and framing them in a perfect person who can grow in a healthy manner.

Teachers are also like parents to all the students they teach. They care for them, love them unconditionally and cater to their every need, both social and emotional. When the children are at school they are the sole responsibility of the teachers. They take care of them as if the child is their son or a daughter. Like a mother they overshadow all the faults and try to bring light to the true ability of the child. The teacher goes to a further extent and polishes the ability and boosts the confidence of the child.

Teachers act as a doctor as well. In a class when a student is in need of a medical help, the teacher makes every possible way to help the child so that they can be felt as if they are at home. Sometimes some medication is given and sometimes some external help is given. When the child meets with an accident, it is the teacher who helps and gives them the best possible first-aid. Teachers also act as friends. In their journey, they have a lot of students who rely on them for not only friendly advice but also have a good time playing with the teachers. The bonding between a teacher and the student is quite unique. In this purity of their relation the students sometimes share their deepest secrets with the teachers. The teacher needs to see then what would be the best way to help the student who is in need. Like a friend, they need to cater to that need.

The teachers act as a perfect guide to life. They are the one who inculcates true moral values in a student and makes them live a life which is noble. Their mistakes are corrected by the teacher. The path of righteousness is shown to a student by a teacher. Teachers act as counsellors as well. They let the student know of the possible career opportunities and the ways in which the student could be successful. They try to bring the true picture of the society. When a student is feeling low, it is the teacher who motivates and brings them out of the depression.

A teacher also is a role model for the students. The student not only learns the subject from the teacher but also mimics the way teachers portray themselves to their students. The way a teacher behaves is mostly copied by their students and is carried forward in their journey. Thus, it is a crucial role of the teachers to carry themselves in a proper way. The teacher has to behave like a detective as well. When there are some controversial arguments going on between two students, it is the teacher who needs to investigate all the aspects and give his/her judgment in a best possible way. They need to make sure that their judgment is not biased and is based on the truthful fact. This detective role of the teacher helps the student to be unbiased and truthful in their lives. As a detective, the teacher has to investigate the learning needs of the learner and his learning pattern as well.

Thus, a teacher in actuality is also a parent, a friend, a doctor, a role model, a counsellor, a detective and a guide to life. If fact, a teacher is one person packed with a lot more responsibilities that one can think of.

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