What makes for a great teacher?

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What makes for a great teacher?




What makes for a great teacher?


Teachers influence lives. Teachers make the leaders of tomorrow. And teachers facilitate the learning process. Were there no teachers, the world would be a horrendous place, for it is verily they who play a major role in shaping the character of their students. It’s quite possible that a teacher doesn’t realise a student is following in his footsteps, but that’s exactly what quite a lot of students. They not only learn the lessons that are taught, but imbibe the character traits that a teacher has. Thus, the question that is often asked is this – What are the qualities that a good teacher must possess? Well, here is a list of five qualities we feel are necessary for a teacher to possess to shape the student’s life efficiently:


1. Gratitude


Every child knows that value of these three magic words – thanks, sorry, and welcome. Therefore, to establish a friendly bond with a student, a teacher must express gratitude in every possible situation. When a student wishes you ‘good morning' or 'hello,’ you could respond by saying, ‘thank you, and good morning to you too.’ Furthermore, while winding your sessions down, you could ask your student to come up with as many doubts as possible. You could also apologise for mistakes or lapses from your end if any. Being thankful and sorry are great virtues, and a good teacher knows that.


2. Cleanliness


A well-dressed teacher with a calm demeanour is likely to get the attention of his student than one with dishevelled hair and shabby outlook. A good teacher prepares for his sessions well in advance but also makes sure that he looks presentable while delivering a lecture. A student should not feel discomforted by a teacher’s presence whatsoever.


3. Kindness


With the pandemic wreaking havoc, you might at times want to lose your temper. A teacher who has no control over one’s emotions may hinder a child’s progress. Staying calm and kind in all situation is not only a hallmark of an elevated human being but a virtue that must be cultivated by a good teacher. Students admire teachers who are compassionate and calm yet industrious.


4. Acceptance


Different students have different needs. Some students learn fast, and some students have issues with learning. Also, there may be students who tend to have other interests. An understanding teacher accepts the existence of such differences. He also knows that every student cannot be measured with the same yardstick.


5. Dedication


A dedicated teacher leaves no space for the student to cast aspersions on his credibility. Dedication involves teaching, preparing appraisal reports regularly, and sticking to the schedule without fail. If the teacher adopted a lackadaisical approach, why would a student feel a need to develop an interest in learning? This is the million-dollar question teachers must put forth to themselves regularly.

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