How to motivate disaffected students

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How to motivate disaffected students
Some teachers can’t get their students to learn because they are unable to motivate them. Motivation when combined with effective teaching can go a long way to help students get good results and achieve their goals in life. The increase in students’ motivation leads to an increase in their productivity. Unmotivated students often fail to retain information which leads to their inefficiency of learning. The intensity of a student’s activity inside the classroom is an indicator of a teacher’s potential.
Are you one of those teachers who feel they have done their best inside the classroom to keep their students motivated, but still go wrong all the time? Then this blog can help you coming through some new ideas to meet your ends. Here are some tricks to keep your students active and motivated throughout your class.


1. Be interactive –
Teaching is not a one-way process. Instead of just entering the classroom and start reading/explaining the lessons right away, you can ask students if they have any prior knowledge regarding the topic. Such interactive sessions can increase the curiosity of the students and can keep them on the edge of their seats. These can turn out to be warm-up sessions for your class students.
2. Encourage your class –
It has been proven that there are many reasons why students can be disinterested in your class. Some of the reasons can be a lack of self-esteem, lack of social skills, lack of confidence, lack of abilities in academic, poor relations with peers, lack of concentration, etc. In such cases, you must encourage students to communicate openly and think freely with other classmates. The students should know that they are being valued which will make them feel pleasantly important amongst their class fellows. Make them understand that not every student is born with extraordinary abilities and it’s fine if they are slow at understanding certain things about the subject you’re teaching. Often praise your class students and recognize the unique abilities in them. Appreciate their efforts and hard work which would help boost their confidence.
3. Make the topic relatable –
Students often get interested in class if the teacher tries to relate the topic with certain fields that they are interested in. You can give examples from movies, animations, music, video games, sports, YouTubers, etc. These are the things students are most inclined towards and they can easily connect the dots here. Furthermore, they will like you, because you can understand and talk in their language (figuratively).
4. Group projects –
Group projects inside the classroom can be interesting to the students since they will have no option but to engage and interact with their friends. Hence, they can all share their understandings and fill up each other’s shortcomings. This will create a strong bonding between them and will increase their productivity.
5. Fun Activities -
Sometimes, you can cheer up the spirits of your students by cracking a joke or playing some ice-breaker activities. This would allow the students to learn and have fun at the same time.




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