Here’s why teaching is a difficult job

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Here’s why teaching is a difficult job


Here’s why teaching is a difficult job
Teaching is largely misapprehended to be one of the easiest jobs. This noble profession continues to evolve, and teachers are only equipping themselves to face the many challenges they encounter daily. Anyhow, here are five solid reasons that make us wonder if teaching is indeed one of the most challenging jobs:
1. Competition
It is the job of a good teacher to facilitate the learning process. That’s what teachers are primarily meant to do, so a lot of people tend to assume that teaching is a piece of cake. What they fail to understand is that teachers are constantly pressured to deliver remarkable sessions. The competition is such after all. A lot of private institutes have cropped up lately, and there is no dearth of teachers. If a teacher fails to content his student, the latter is free to look for an alternative.
2. Not all teachers are gadget-friendly
Brilliant teachers who are not well-versed with the latest advancement in technology have started feeling the pinch. With the coronavirus pandemic assuming alarming proportions, many feel that teaching will remain an online process for a long time. It’s a do or die situation for teachers who, on account of their age, are not able to handle electronic gadgets efficaciously.
3. No fixed schedule
Teachers have no fixed schedule. The students appear to have an upper hand now as far as fixing the timings of sessions is concerned, and the teachers are only obliged to go by the students' decisions. An instructor might have twelve sessions on a day he feels sick. But he may have just a session or two on days he feels hale and hearty. Furthermore, school teachers are spending more hours teaching today than ever before with some conducting classes until ten at night.
4. Criticism
There is nothing worse than criticism for a teacher who works tirelessly for the betterment of his students. While a teacher knows well that it is inevitable to avoid getting broadsided, it oftentimes takes a toll on his mental health. Valuable feedback, however, is capable of boosting a teacher's morale.
5. No privacy
A teacher’s life becomes a topic of discussion among students. Nonetheless, it is not something that a good teacher should be worried about. A lot of students develop a keen interest in finding out everything possible about a teacher they like, so it becomes quite challenging for the teacher to keep his private life separate from the public.

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