A mantra for teachers

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A mantra for teachers


A mantra for teachers
A teacher’s value is not judged by his appearance. Nor is it judged by the knowledge he flaunts. What matters to your students at the end of the day is how much of an impact you make in your students’ everyday life. A devoted teacher doesn’t believe in showing off but tries every possible trick in the teaching book to see what the student wants. He assumes the role of a caretaker for the student and does whatever he can to help the student achieve his goals.

The mantra ‘simple living, high thinking’ can thus come to a teacher’s rescue. High thinking involves the coherent articulation of thoughts that can be well apprehended by the students. A lot many times, students tend to drift away, drop out, or simply take a long break because they find it hard to understand the lessons. A teacher who has his thoughts under control can help these students and gain their trust, but a teacher who gets hurt or distressed can do little to content his students.

High thinking goes hand-in-hand with simple living. A good teacher sets a precedent for his students by practising what he preaches. If he wants his students to behave a certain way, he shows them by conducting himself the same way. If he wants his students to be kind and compassionate to one another, he teems with kindness and compassion.

As teachers are now obligated to teach online, it has become important for them to earn the students’ trust. With competition at an all-time high, students have more options. So besides teaching, what has come to matter is how you impact the lives of your students otherwise.

Sharing good ideas, having intricate discussions with the students, and condescending to the level of the students will make you as a teacher relevant. A remarkable teacher is one who believes in simplicity. Simple words, simple thoughts, and simple ideas – these are exactly the things that students admire. But as the great philosopher Confucius said, ‘We insist on making life complicated.’ A teacher’s job, nevertheless, is to make complex topics simple.

High thinking also means that you are optimistic and never make the student feel small or unworthy. If a student had the knowledge you have, he wouldn’t be learning in the first place. Thus, a teacher must be considerate while appraising his student’s performance. It would also be nice if a teacher could facilitate online discussions amongst students. Students will then become more expressive and some may silently appreciate your endeavours as well. Simplicity is verily the best policy.

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