Important Tips for Teachers

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  It is important to use the five basic principles to maintain and retain their attention.  


Important Tips For Teachers

#1 Be Original! Teachers, staff members, and administration will appreciate someone who brings a unique personality to the student teaching experience. Teachers aren't looking for a carbon copy of themselves, so be yourself.

#2 Be Innovative! This is your time to take all that you have learned and apply it to your teaching. Let the knowledge, ideas, and experiences you acquired along the way fuel your teaching. Don't be afraid to experiment. Ask your cooperating teacher to allow you to try that lesson or activity you worked so hard to create.

#3 Collaborate! It is very important to network with all teachers, staff members, and administrators within the school community. The young teachers who go the extra mile to collaborate are the ones remembered down the road for prospective positions.

#4 Be Dedicated! Always show a passion for what you do. Take advantage of opportunities to become involved with activities outside of school if possible. Schools will applaud the efforts of someone who always is willing to give 110%

#5 Have fun! You can do all of the things above, but will be missing out on one of the greatest aspects of the education profession if you forget to have fun. Enjoy the students; they will make you smile every day. Enjoy your colleagues; they are wonderful role models. Enjoy the experience; it is something that you will carry along into your teaching career!


The TOP TEN Advice List for Student Teachers:


  1. Work Hard - put in extra hours.
  2. Make a good first impression - smile and introduce yourself to everyone - especially the school secretaries! Dress appropriately and professionally - you are in one long interview.
  3. Listen and take notes every day.
  4. Observe and DO what you are asked to do.
  5. Ask questions and listen to the answers, use all that knowledge before proceeding!
  6. Go out to recess and watch the students interact with each other - you'll learn a lot that will help you in the classroom.
  7. Stay out of teacher lunchroom politics and drama!
  8. Be creative and use good lesson plan formats that will be engaging and fun for the students but include appropriate standards and assessments.
  9. Be firm but loving with students from the get-go - if they know the limits you are then able to have fun and smile and laugh with your students and fellow teachers!
  10. Stay positive - student teaching isn't forever - soon you will have your own classroom - remember that's the GOAL!


Keep the kids busy, academically engaged. Learn what bell to bell teaching means. If you don't have anything for the kids to do, they will find something to do and that spells T R O U B L E !

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