5 Attribute of Effective Teachers

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An experienced teacher will tell you that teaching is not just a job but a lifestyle option.

Consider the overwhelming responsibility. They are partly responsible for the development of a space full of young people. Teaching is not just about disseminating academic knowledge, but also about immersing teachers in the daily lives of their students, which is difficult for many.

If you are not open-minded, have a good sense of humor, patience and excellent skills, teaching may not be your vocation. Benefits such as job security, geographical mobility, and longer stay often act as strong incentives before prospective teachers become aware of the demands of the profession.

However, if you have what it takes, teaching can be an extremely rewarding career, full of opportunities for personal and professional development, and some other professions enable you to have such a positive and lasting impact on the lives and help of people around the heads shape the future.

So, whether you're a young person looking to start your first career or a second born baby boomer, consider these five keys to a promising teaching career:


1. Open Mind.

Learning and Adjusting are two of the key ingredients of a successful teacher. Each day brings new and unexpected obstacles that need to be overcome and adjusted. Therefore, you must be able to cope with a considerable amount of adversity, especially at the beginning of your career.

Lynn Columba, Program Coordinator at the Faculty of Education at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., Says that the best teachers understand themselves as "lifelong learners" who are "ready to explore new strategies and teaching methods" as well as "acting on current research in the classroom. "

"Effective teachers are not born, they are made after a lot of hard work and dedication," says Columba.

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2. Flexibility And Patience.

One of the central lessons of teaching should be that everything is constantly changing. Interruptions and interruptions are the norms and very few days are "typical". Therefore, a flexible and patient attitude is not only important for your stress level, but also for your students, who expect you to be in control of every situation.

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3. Dedication


Sure, these longer holidays are nice. Any job offers paid summer will definitely increase the interest of many who are looking for a job.

But for the time being, do not plan this three-month break in Europe. Summers are a time when many teachers are learning new skills, teaching summer classes, attending seminars or working towards a college degree.

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4. Positive attitude.

They will give you many curves in life and especially in the teaching profession. A positive perspective will help you to handle it in the best way possible.

At the same time, it is likely that some of their students will attend classes with a negative attitude towards the class, so it is best to counteract them with positivism and a sense of humor.

"People who are intelligent, inquisitive, caring and happy tend to be the best teachers," says Phyllis Mendenhall, consultant coordinator at the Faculty Development Department of the University of Miami at Oxford, Ohio. "They are people who want their lives to make a difference in the world."

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5. High expectations.

An effective teacher must have high expectations and strive to raise the standard for his students. If you expect less effort, you will undoubtedly have less trouble.

You should focus on an approach that says that you know that students can live up to their expectations and give them a sense of trust. This does not mean that you should create unrealistic expectations. However, their expectations will be one of the key factors in helping students learn and reach.

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