What is my ULTIMATE DUTY as a father/mother/teacher/member of society/...........

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In our society, family and professional life we have been thinking, discussing and even fighting for our rights since the beginning. More educated, meeker and more responsible part of the society, family or professional world then started thinking about duties over rights. They think that if we have and we

practice fundamental rights we must have and practice fundamental duties. That very thought of responsibility rose a need of discussion on duty of a human being. We have already set a lot of standards and benchmarks for different professions and positions in our society, family and professional world. These standards and benchmarks are sometime said/unsaid, written/verbal or may be in other form of communication. So here I have a pure thought of ULTIMATE DUTY.

If we want to talk about duty we should pick examples so for example if I put a question here:

What is Ultimate Duty of a hospital nurse?
I receive a lot of answers e.g.:

A nurse should take care of patients.
She should be caring.
She should have human values.
She should have knowledge of medicine etc.
Now I want to put another question for all.
If a nurse does not take care of herself/
If a nurse does not keep herself infection free/
If a nurse does not maintain her own hygiene/
If a nurse does not keep herself healthy/
If a nurse does not take proper rest/
If a nurse does not take healthy meals at appropriate timing/
Will she be able to continuously perform her so call DUTY?

The unanimous answer will be NO a nurse cannot perform her DUTY if she does not do above said less valuable chores for herself. On the contrary what else can be more dangerous than a nurse is herself not infection free and infected with TB virus (for example only Tuberculosis) and she is one hundred percent dedicated and willing to perform her DUTY?

So by above question we can easily come down to a conclusion that for a nurse her ultimate duty is to keep herself healthy, energetic and infection free. If she fails to do this she will ultimately fail to perform her DUTY. 

For more elaboration of above thought we can have example of a teacher. So what is the Duty of a teacher? Is it:

dissemination of knowledge?
Improvement of pupils by knowledge?
Creation of more worth living society?
I think these may be called DUTIES but  ULTIMATE DUTIES are:
To keep himself/herself error free.
To keep himself/herself unshackled from misconception.
To keep himself/herself updated.
To keep trying to acquire more knowledge.

And what can be worst then a teacher himself is shackled in misconceptions, contains error, or may be
not updated.

Now we can freely think about the ULTIMATE DUTY of any profession or individual. We need to take
example to discuss the other part of ULTIMATE DUTY. Ok now I take an example of ‘House wife’. So we can say that a house wife may have one thousand and one different works/chores to perform but her ultimate duty is to keep herself fit, healthy, to take rest appropriately, take each healthy meal on time. If she does so she can keep her family in the same way.

Now a big question comes in discussion: What if a house wife denies/unwilling/reluctant/unenthusiastic or hesitant to perform her ULTIMATE DUTY of keeping herself fit, healthy, to take rest appropriately, or to take each healthy meal on time?

If she does not love and care herself shouldn't we take it as she does not love her family? Because if she does not care herself ultimately sooner or later she will not be able to care her family. If she does not pursue her hobbies and liking sooner or later she will not be able to help her family pursuing their liking and hobbies. Now what if a teacher denies/unwilling/reluctant/unenthusiastic or hesitant to perform his/her

ULTIMATE DUTY of updating himself/herself, keeping himself/herself error free or unshackled from misconceptions? Shouldn’t we interpret that the teacher in concern does not want to perform the duty of teaching?

Now to conclude the above talk I can say that we may have duties but ULTIMATE DUTY is self focused, self satisfactory, self motivating, self encouragement and lastly self centered. If we fail/unwilling to perform our ULTIMATE DUTY sooner or later we will fail to perform our duties. Denying ULTIMATE DUTY is as good as denying our so called DUTIES.

I want to leave questions for all readers at the end of this article.

What is my ULTIMATE DUTY as a father/mother/teacher/member of society/...........?

The beginning........

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