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As this generation students are already quite tech-savvy, the teaching-learning process has to match the expectations of new-age learners. Talents have to prove their mettle on a completely new arena of technological expertise. Teaching and learning is no more darb activity instead it has become 'student-friendly'. Learning is not confined to fix school hours or the school building. Laptops, iPads and mobile phones are enabling learners to access teachers from anywhere and at any time. The transformations of age-old teaching-learning practices are driven by internet technology. All you need to be an online teacher is sound knowledge of the subject and good internet connectivity. 

It's easy to earn through online teaching jobs

A reputed online tutor can earn any amount between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per hour of online tutoring depending on the difficulty of the subject and the location of the student. Even in India, good online tutors are earning as high as Rs. 60,000 a month by providing a few hours of online tutoring from home. This has created a unique opportunity for upcoming talents in the teaching domain.


Your experience and qualifications from institutions of repute is an added advantage. Having certifications for online tutoring or international teacher training certificates gives you a big boost at the very starting of your career.


With the 4G connectivity and internet data becoming unprecedentedly cheap, India is is poised to transform every aspect of it. The education industry is certainly no exception. In the western world, a certain group of countries is preferred for certain kind of outsourcing however, India being one of such countries, is generating a significant number of Online teaching Jobs.

Numerous work-from-home online tutoring jobs are up for grab in India. These online tutors are teaching students based in the U.S., Canada, and Europe and hence the tutors have to work as per their students' time zone.

Benefits of becoming an online tutor

  • Freedom to choose your working hours and flexible work hours.
  • Opportunity to teach overseas students.
  • You save your time and money of everyday commutation.
  • Making geographical boundaries redundant in terms of job opportunities.

Where to look for Online Teaching Job Vacancies in India:

There are various companies which offer campus placement in graduation collages. Also dedicated Job portals for education industry e.g. are good platforms to look for such opportunities and explore careers.

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