Integrating learning with fun

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Integrating learning with fun


Motivation and fun tend to go hand in hand, and there is no disputing that. A mediocre teacher with a good sense of humour is more likely to be adored by students than a brilliant one who induces dullness. So, what can preceptors do from their end to make sure their students not only learn what they are supposed to but also enjoy the process of learning? Well, here are some recommendations that may conceivably make learning a fun process:


Encouraging the students to come up with ingenious ideas


The class-size today continues to shrink. Moreover, learning and teaching have become virtual processes. In this situation, it has become vital for a teacher to keep the students’ interest in learning alive. But how can a teacher do that? It’s not as simple as it may appear, but involves a lot of dedication and patience from the teacher’s end. While constantly appreciating the students can boost their morale, teachers can also ask the students to research as much as possible on a specific topic. With the internet being within everyone’s reach, students can be asked to use it in a way that may aid their studies.


Relating the lessons with daily life


This may seem difficult at first. Nevertheless, making an effort to relate the lessons with real-life situations can get the students' attention. Moreover, doing so can also help the students retain difficult concepts. A Mathematics teacher, for instance, could talk about the significance of managing expenses while teaching ‘Profit & Loss’ or kindle an interest in sporting activities while teaching ‘Trigonometry.’


Having light-hearted conversations


There may be students who detest anything having to do with studying. They may show little inclination towards studies, or may just want to learn by rote before exams. Instead of reprimanding such students for their lack of interest, a teacher ought to have light-hearted conversations to strengthen the existing bond with the students. This only makes it easier for a teacher to suitably mould the students in later stages.


Blending technology and learning


Most of the things we see and use today are a product of technology. Why not tell your students how to use gadgets like cell phones and TV to enhance their knowledge? While hundreds and thousands of activities relating to a topic can be found on the internet, watching educational television programmes can do wonders.


Creating fun activities


It is not the one-to-one sessions with the students that matter, but what the students do in the absence of their teacher to retain the information. Burdening students with homework may have become the norm, but wouldn't the students take a keen interest if their teacher gave them some fun activities?

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