Value of education vs. Value education.

Posted By Tanisha Garg |2017-06-29 07:38

Numerous times, we have seen pupils who take their grades way too seriously and can do anything for  getting a better score card. Wait, please go back, read the previous line again and let the seriousness of  the word “anything” sink in. Scary! Wasn’t it?
We have come across various cases where it is difficult to realise that what the root cause was of any  unethical/ unacceptable thing a student does or that happens to a student. It is probably us. Us, who  have always made getting nice grades such hype. Try and recall when was the last time we have praised  any kid for being honest/ being hard working/being dedicated given the fact that he could not secure  good results. Should not he have been praised for trying at least? Isn’t it us  who have made him ignore  the fact that hard work is the key and made him believed that it is just the result that matters? And  hence, no wonders that the pupils even give up on their lives in some cases. Haven’t e we failed in  imparting the value education to the pupils while making them realises the value of education? We  often say that without good grades they can’t do anything and forget to tell them that if they have tried  best then no matter what the result is they will always be accepted by us with their dignity intact.
The values of life must be given to a pupil along with the curriculum knowledge. The courage to stand up  again after a fall is what they need. We have to realise that there is a huge difference between being  literate and in being educated. Value education can be imparted anywhere. We must keep a check that  whether the pupil is in any distress. Every little change in behaviour has a reason behind it and it must be  addressed as soon as possible. That is where the role of the teacher changes into a guide, a mentor, a friend  and hence a councillor. Lending an ear when a pupil feels suffocated inside can actually change his whole  life. Remember, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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