An Extremely Useful Guidance on Teaching Jobs and Careers

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This article consists a complete guidance on teaching jobs for those looking for latest opportunities in teaching.

The school teaching profession can be classified into different areas of specializations, each requiring different skills and training. Some of the common areas of specialization include teaching at play schools, middle schools, high schools, etc.

In India, you can find a large range of opportunities for teachers in diversified subjects like Maths, English, Social Studies, computers, music, art & craft etc. There is a big demand for teachers and therefore, you will never face a lack of teaching jobs in India.


Eligibility Criteria For A Teaching Job


To get a school teaching job, it's necessary to have a Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) degree. In India, the various college offers these degree courses which are essential to get a teaching job in school.

There are few universities in India also which are offering correspondence or distance courses. You can also pursue a Masters in Education (M.Ed) course to strengthen your job prospects.

The basic training certificate, diploma in education and Teacher training certificate are separate courses that can be attempted to get a teaching job.

If you want to start your career as a sports/fitness instructor, you need to obtain a degree/diploma course from any of the sports institutes which are situated across the nation.

Furthermore, you can also appear for the CTET, conducted by the CBSE, to become a teacher in junior schools. You can also find jobs in different state schools that accept the score of this test.

If you want to get a job in college/university, M.Phil or Ph.D. degree is required. You need to clear the NET exam in order to get a lecturer job.

Teaching Job Prospects

You can search teaching jobs at jobors and you can find jobs by skills, Here are few job openings:


Scope of Teaching Job


There is a demand for qualified teachers in India. With the development of various private & public schools and the rise of coaching institutes & colleges.

Apply For Coaching Jobs

There are sufficient teaching opportunities in India. Also, education institutes have introduced the concept of virtual learning classrooms and the computer has become an important subject in most schools. As a result, even IT professionals can explore opportunities in the teaching sector.


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