The Unsung Heroes Of Learners

Posted By Vaishali Sharma |2017-07-26 09:11

A TEACHER is that one indispensable human, made for every student out there who walks down the lane holding hands at every step, motivatingpacing up or down according to the level of the learner.  

We are the one predominant sculptor, who works without any dividend. We thrive to raise every student as our own and bring out the silhouette against the brightest glimpse.

No less than a captivating orator, learners sometimes find it easy and sometimes after putting strenuous efforts they still struggle to pace up with us. This is how a teacher-learner relation looks like.

Unsung Heroes

A path filled with crest and troughs which takes a lot more than just saying, requiring motivation and credenceamongst each other and most importantly veneration


It is a thorough two-way process; what we give is what we get, if we want to move smoothly on the path overcoming all the hurdles all we have to do is keep reliance on our learner.

Some tips which can help evolve the teacher- learner relation in a more bloomed manner:

1.     Keep persuading so the learner should avoid the idea of giving up at an early stage.

2.     Keep eulogising on the endeavour of the learner instead of the outcome. It will give them an impression that no matter how hard things get they can overcome any situation holding the hand of their sculptor.

3.     Moulding a learner needs a lot of dedication, imagination, and discipline in order to bring out the best side of them.

The Teacher-learner relationship is like the symphony which gives jubilation that tranquillizes the mind.A Vigorous relationship can help make all the difference in how triumph a learner can.

Every learner has a different mindset; every learner wants to be heard, understood, recognised and appreciated in order to keep going with the zeal which will only lead towards success.

WILLIAM ARTHUR WARD once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

That is what the Unsung heroes of every learner do, they are busy changing the world, they teach, they strive for progress instead of perfection.

The growth mindset is the important asset which every teacher should possess, while moulding we know, giving our best is what’s the necessity, and avoiding that will just lead to complexity.

As a great teacher, our biggest role is to keep going and believing that each one has something spectacular that can be built upon and brought in front of everybody’s cognizance.

Be the Bridge every learner wants to hold on to cross with the confidence of one day, building one for thyself with so much credence.

At the end, all that matters is what they want to become, which path they want to walk on, as no matter what obstacle they face holding their hand’s we can help them WIN every RACE

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