How lying on your CV can get you into trouble?

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Lying on your CV

According to Authbridge survey, 1 out of every 6 job applicants lies in the resume.

Fake certificates, forged marksheets, fake appointment letters and edited salary slips are false instruments in the eyes of law.

These illegal activities land you behind the bars. claiming a false degrees, stating wrong marks, and incorrect past salary/designation/work experience/profile/refrences without any proof not attract legal provisions but these all are equally bad in the eyes of the employer.

Because of this you may get fired, a permanent negative record in the database preventing future job opportunities with the same employer and others who do a refrence check with your previous employer and a negative reputation.

Some times it depends because of low margin error, your employer may give you the equivalent of a rapon the knuckless be having you own up your misdemenaur.


Facts On Based of Authbridge Survey:

1. 1 out of 6 canditates lies in their resume while approaching prospective employers.

2. This figure is 50% higher than what was reported in 2016.

3. 2.99% cited refrees who did not respond.

4. 1.27% provided incorrect tenure.

5. 1.26% failed to give documents to support claims.

6. 12.14% candidates misrepresneted employement realted information in 2017.

7. 4,352 job applicants provided fake IDs like Aadhar, Pan card, passport copies and voter ID.

8. 2,162 candidates could not clear police verifications.

9. 1,181 could not go past the data screen phase.

10. 15.71% male candidates were found guilty of fudged applications.

11. 13.09% of women candidates provide inaccurate details.

Survey Source: Background Screening in India – Trends and Insights 2017 report by AuthBridge. More than a million job applications were studied for the survey.

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