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  • Ankit
    What is the scope of E-Learning in India?
  • Amit
    Although the foundation of education is still reading, writing and arithmetic, today’s students need broader education. Contemporary classroom, hence, needs to deliver live instruction, video content delivery, student to- student interactions via videoconferencing, remote test administration, up-to-date materials, self-learning, etc. Digital India campaign is likely to benefit education by bringing many of these and other important elements together. India would otherwise struggle to arrange the resources to enable its rural society with quality education in the traditional format of schooling. Apparently, there is a huge opportunity yet to be tapped, even as infrastructure and regulation issues might be slowing down the otherwise accelerating education space in India. However, with it's Digital India campaign, the Indian government has made strides towards the expansion of internet connectivity for rural India. Last few years have witnessed commendable growth in mobile and data connectivity. With nearly half the population of India below the age of 25 and increasing penetration of Internet and mobile devices in this demography which is expected to reach 920 million by 2025, rivaling China, India’s potential as a huge market for e-learning is enormous.
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