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  • Rishu
    How to deal with the aftermath of a lesson gone wrong?
  • Radheshyam
    When a lesson doesn’t go well or you particularly don’t like the way it went, you are the one who’s going to be affected the most by it even if the students don’t realize anything. Here’s what can be done about it:
    1. First of all, look for what went well. See, this is the best trick to stay motivated is to find a silver lining in the black cloud which can be done by spotting the ‘bright spots’ that are worth repeating in the future as well.
    2. Second thing is to figure out all the things that didn’t go very well.
    3. Finally, decide how to fix those flaws by adopting appropriate measures.
    Remember that self-criticism can be a way of self-improvement and as you celebrate your successes, you must also overcome the struggles. Therefore, start by appreciating yourself for the good things and complete the process with an improvement plan. Happy teaching to you!
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