Teaching is not confined only to school classrooms

Share your knowledge and skills with not just children or students but with people from different walks of life. Imparting skills training is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to society during this lockdown.

Session Duration
1 Month(s)
Duration per day  
1 Hour
Session Language  

Teacher Training

Session By Laura Augustyn

ESL Teacher (USA Native Speaker) with over 6 years of teaching experience to Elementary, Middle, High School students as well as private corporate and business clients. One on one or groups. Online teaching through Zoom. USA native. Specialties include teaching Entrepreneurial skills and classes, Business, ESL - English As A Second Language, English, History, Humanities, Geography, World Events, International Relations, Cultures and Religions
Session Details

About Instructor :
Laura is a certified real-estate agent and property manager with years of experience in overseeing, administrating and directing entire operations of residential properties and hotels.
Target Audience
Teachers and Parents
Learning Outcome
Objective is to train teachers how to teach others and manage the students and prepare
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