Teaching is not confined only to school classrooms

Share your knowledge and skills with not just children or students but with people from different walks of life. Imparting skills training is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to society during this lockdown.

Session Duration
1 Month(s)
Duration per day  
2 Hours
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Student Centred (Pareto Principle) Teacher Training – Workshop 3: Mind Maps.

Session By Melody A Edwards

Please Note: Online Teacher Training Course: (Egypt time - zone) in Zoom.
Daily 1 and a half (90 minute) hour sessions (5 X 5 days per week) Sun to Thurs) From: 6. PM - 7. 40. PM (10 minute break, after 45 minutes (at 6.45.PM) for teachers) then final 45 minute round up and homework instruction given, for next class teacher activity (done by them, as per the 80/20 Pareto Principle). Which is, the main course objective.
1. Activity on Adapting Worksheets (Worksheets in Handouts).
2. Worksheets clarification (On Screen first)
3. Brain Mapping your students.
4. Fab Minds Tip Sheet (On Brain Maps).
5. Today’s Activities.
6. Classroom Activities.
7. Classroom Management.
8. Verb Tenses (Teacher’s Chart).
Session Details

About Instructor :
Student Centred (Pareto Principle) Teacher Training: Qualified and Experienced UK Educator.
Target Audience
Primary and Secondary Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Learning Outcome
How to Utilize the 80/20 (Pareto Principal) in a Variety of Teaching Methodologies
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