Teaching is not confined only to school classrooms

Share your knowledge and skills with not just children or students but with people from different walks of life. Imparting skills training is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to society during this lockdown.

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1 Week(s)
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1 Hour
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Lifelong Learning Plan for Teachers

Session By Saumya Maurya

Lifelong Learning Plan is an initiative for teachers by Million Sparks Foundation, an innovative award winning nonprofit which has developed a mobile based comprehensive capacity building platform for teachers. 500, 000+ teachers have been trained on this platform and are part of its ever growing community of teachers eager to learn, share and grow.
To ensure great life and learning outcomes for our students, teachers have always focused on holistic development of students, which in addition to academic skills includes social, emotional, cognitive, character building and physical skills.
In our courses, along with training on academic topics, we will bring you thought provoking training on teaching as leadership, school leadership, life-skills, financial literacy, gender awareness, problem solving, mental health, critical thinking and many more, while keeping focus on remote teaching strategies.
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About Instructor :
Million Sparks Foundation is an award winning non profit working in the area of education quality improvement by focusing on teacher capacity development.
Target Audience
Teachers- aspiring, pre-service and in-service
Learning Outcome
Becoming equipped with tools and pedagogies for online and blended teaching
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