Teaching is not confined only to school classrooms

Share your knowledge and skills with not just children or students but with people from different walks of life. Imparting skills training is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to society during this lockdown.

Start Date
1 Jan 1970 5:30 AM
End Date
1 Jan 1970 5:30 AM
Duration per day  
2 Hours
Session Language  

iLed (Inspire Leadership in Education)

Session By People First Leadership Academy

It is a Leadership Program for in-service Teachers, Teacher educators who are looking to climb the ladder to next level
Session Details

About Instructor :
People First Leadership Academy (PFLA) has been founded with a mission to EMPOWER PEOPLE. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about helping People achieve excellence in academics and Life.
PFLA is an ISO 21001 certified company that believes in transformational Skill Development programs and we work with Teaching and parent Community, youth, Institutions and Students to help them develop essential skills that is needed to be competitive and be employable.
Target Audience
All (k-12) In-service Teachers, Teacher Educators, Counselors
Learning Outcome
Leadership skills, Facilitation skills, Effective communication skills, High Performers,Trainers
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