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Session Duration
3 >Day(s)
Duration per day  
2 Hours
Session Language  

IGCSE Arabic Language

Session By Dr. Shoukry A. Latif

About Course: IGCSE Arabic Language, Pearson Edexcel include: 1- Framework of specification for Arabic Language 2- Numbers grading system instead of Alpha system 3- Assessment Objectives of Arabic Language 4- Paper 1 components and standards 5- Paper 2 components and standards 6- Explaining Cognitive Field and Topics 7- Main Issue about Global Students Preparation 8- Planing to teaching course 9- In and out class supporting activity and resources 10- Getting Ready to Go 11- feedback and discussions
Session Details

About Instructor :
More than 15 Years Experience in Teaching Arabic Language - IGCSE Pearson Edexcel Certified Teacher -Worked As Academic Consultant and Director of Innovation Support Center in governmental University. -Have 3 books and more than 12 academic article about Teaching Development and Academic Leadership in Arabic and English language. - Worked as CIE Assistant Examiner -Co-auther of ONS and New Direction series in Arabic First Language IGCSE.
Target Audience
Teachers and Parents
Learning Outcome
Full understanding of Arabic IGCSE Specefication
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