Teaching is not confined only to school classrooms

Share your knowledge and skills with not just children or students but with people from different walks of life. Imparting skills training is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to society during this lockdown.

Session Duration
1 Week(s)
Duration per day  
2 Hours
Session Language  

Class Management

Session By Hossam Essawi

Building up rapport/Developing a teaching personal/ Using English as a medium of Instruction /Smooth transitions/Using the appropriate seating arrangements/Appropriate sequencing of activities/Assigning roles and responsibilities to the students/Utilising group and pair work effectively/Communicative Approach/Employment of your students’ mother tongue.
Session Details

About Instructor :
Hossam Essawi 1- DELTA Modules 1&2 . (Module 3 ongoing). 2- Post-graduate Diploma in “The Professional Development of Teacher Leaders” (Excellent with Honors), May 2000, Saint John’s University, NY, USA. 3 - BA in Education and English Literature from Alexandria University, Egypt, May 1994. 4-TESOL from the TEFL International Centre, November 2008 5- Aramco Train The Trainer Certificate 6- Cambridge PET Speaking Examiner 7- IELTS (Academic) : Band 7.5
Target Audience
Fresh Graduates/green-hand teachers
Learning Outcome
Enabling teachers to manage their classes
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