TGT English Teacher vacancy for The Aryan International School, Khaithal   

5 years ago

By : The Aryan International School

3 -  5 LPA

Organization : The Aryan International School
Location : Kaithal, Haryana, India
Designation: TGT English Teacher
Experience : 1 - 3 Years
Job Type : Full Time
Qualification :
Mandatory Qualification : B.Ed
Domain : School
Organization Type : K-12 School
Openings : 1
Skills : English Communicative English Education Teaching


ob Description

Skills Required

Identify reasons for listening - i.e. to gain information, to interact socially, to follow the direction
Demonstrate how to listen effectively
Evaluate student's listening strategies, model more sophisticated strategies as students skills progress
Teach students to check for understanding by retelling a story or text
Teach students to ask meaningful questions about the story
Help students discern explicit and implicit information from the story and non-verbal markers - i.e. vocal intonation and facial expression of the reader
Identify whether a text is a fact or fiction
Teach students how to communicate information in a clear manner
Teach students to identify text and literary features
Teach children to read with both fluency and comprehension
Teach children to interpret media texts and discern messages within
Lead students to explain why different audiences might respond differently to a text

Help students produce a variety of texts and media texts
Assist students in demonstrating an understanding of complex oral texts
Help students learn to develop and explain their interpretation of a text's function and ideas by finding evidence in the text
Teach students how to analyze oral and written texts to evaluate how effectively they communicate ideas
Explain to students the value of a literary point of view
Help students identify a wide variety of presentation strategies
Teach students how to tailor their speaking behavior to the purpose and audience
Teach students how and when to use appropriate words, phrases, and terminology
Help students create and best use a variety of appropriate visual aids
Teach students how to draft and revise their writing
Teach students the mechanics of editing, proofreading and publishing strategies
Elevate students' knowledge of language conventions in order to correct errors
Work with students to identify the topic, purpose, and audience of a text
Help students generate ideas about a potential topic and then select the most viable idea for production
Help students learn to identify and order themes, main ideas, and supporting details and group them effectively and cohesively
Help students choose the vivid and figurative language to add reader interest
Help students incorporate sentence variety in type and structure
Help students strategize to spell unfamiliar words

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