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SHANA International School

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SHANA International School We all know the fact very well that we, the human beings are the most marvellous creation in the entire Cosmos endowed with all that is awesome, great and mesmerizing. Our body has 7 octillion atoms constituting around 50 to 75 trillion cells with the capacity to recycle itself. Brain, the central processing unit packed with 100 billion neurons with the capacity to create one quadrillion synaptic connection where every new connection makes us more intelligent and creative. Our brain has phenomenal creativity and storage (memory) capacities. It can analyse and synthesize any information faster than the fastest super computers of the world. But the abyssal condition of humanity presents an altogether a different picture. The recent studies have revealed heart wrenching facts about the same. In India alone, 70000 to 80000 youngsters commit suicide every year. Even after 15 years of school education, more than 97% of these super computers are crashed, bugged with social viruses, corrupted with psychic pollution and gets hanged when faced with little challenges of life. Most of them are unemployed, under employed and unhappily employed and becoming non- contributing citizens of the society. Now, the question is why there is so much chaos? Why are not able to help our children to transform their potential into performance? The answer is very simple. The main purpose of our education is to prepare our children for future but most of the schools are its still mirroring our past. It is not mirroring the future. Schools cannot become the light house of the society unless they leave the beaten track of running after syllabus without empowering their students with Learning and Life Skills. SHANA International School is a brain-child of Mr. Kamlesh Chandra who is known for his learning skills and life skills programs. When most of schools are focusing on What to Learn, SHANA International School focuses on How to Learn and How to Live. The school

Shana International School, Near Udasar Crossing, Jaipur Ganganagar Bypass road


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