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The Advocates’ Profession is a unique profession in the sense that the members of the legal profession are pitched against each other to fight for the cause of their clients in search of truth and justice. The legal profession is different from other professions in that what the lawyers do, affects not only an individual but the administration of justice which is the foundation of the civilized society. It is to be noted that when people suffer from medical problems, they have to endure and suffer, whereas when people are meted out with injustice, it is intolerable and they pull down the whole structure. As such the administration of justice is one of the most essential functions of the modern welfare state. Men desire justice and it is the function of legal practitioners to plead for justice. Lawyer is considered as the guardian who can secure justice and liberty. Lawyers and Courts are the last refuge for the hapless and the harassed litigant. The religious metaphor was developed in the context of viewing Courts as the ‘shrines of justice’, and lawyers as the ministers of the “courts of justice robed in the priestly garments of truth, honour and integrity”. Even in a secular context, the statement still captures the essence of the role of an advocate in the mechanism of administration of justice in the society.

Keshav Memorial Educational Society, KESHAV MEMORIAL LAW Cuda,OLLEGE, Ram Narayan Jaiswal Rd, Hari Vihar Colony, Bhawani Nagar, Narayang Hyderabad, Telangana 500029


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