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Jayshree Periwal High School

School - K-12 School
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Years back at a time when stepping into the deep trenches to compete on a global education front was a daunting enough task to understand, leave alone take upon oneself; our director not only gauged the gravity of inclusion of modern pedagogy and a more rigorous curriculum but went forward with a radical step of adopting them when cosying up to the traditional and rudimentary practices was clearly the easier choice. She made it the success it is today in a manner grand enough to stand firm in the bigger scheme of things. She has since not stopped her journey of evolving, herself and taking the school forward leaps and bounds with her by venturing into modern and trend changing affiliations and strategic alliances that unlike any effort yet made in the field of education have been a bullet in the bulls eye; that is the dream to achieve a futuristic style of education while staying true to the Indian roots and traditions that she believes make us who we are. Her towering personality and overpowering passion instil confidence, pride, and purpose in her school-children, who today occupy places of importance in the top institutes of higher learning around the world, including the Ivy Leagues. She stands tall with firm convictions, boundless ideas, a remarkably positive attitude and supreme innovativeness, all of which fuel her dream of changing lives. She is modern education personified whose dream is to bridge the educational gap between the haves and the have-nots. She is eager to take her skills and expertise to the Public-Private Partnership, which has been envisaged as the way forward for the running of schools in the rural areas. She met with a High Power White House Delegation in September 2010 to foster Indo-US relations. Gauging her success and categorizing them into a class is impossible for anyone who knows that starting from teaching one student in her garage she today has 6 schools in the city of Jaipur which imparts education to over the students.

2-3, Ajmer Rd, adjoining Stadium, Chitrakoot, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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