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GD Goenka Group is the country’s leading childcare provider. With a portfolio of over 100 K 12 Schools, Pre Schools and a 25 year history, we have been trusted by many families to provide children with naturally inspiring, exceptional care and education for the early years and beyond.We’re proud to be one of the most recommended Pre School experts in the country, offering nurseries, daycares and preschools for a range of age groups. GD Goenka La Petite features a stimulating and supportive learning environment, alongside a strong community that fosters self-confidence, leadership and teamwork. The GDG La Petite education provides an exceptional opportunity and sets the stage for future success, while laying the foundation for a lifetime of discovery and learning. Our students are taught how to think, how to learn and how to question. Most importantly, Goenkan students discover themselves and the possibilities in the world around them. Families seek GDGLP education for their children because they seek excellence. We are committed to excellence in our outstanding curricular and co-curricular programs. G D Goenka’s longstanding and cherished reputation is one of academic challenge and intellectual rigour. Our students expand their minds and souls in our rich and challenging environment where leadership is expected and where a passion for doing good in the world is nurtured. GD Goenka La Petite represents both possibility and opportunity. Our students flourish in a supportive and energetic community which allows each child to achieve his/her potential. Exceptional facilities enhance challenging programs led by committed teachers who are supported with extensive resources and professional development opportunities. As a parent, the choice to send your child to GDGLP represents your belief in their future — a future of fulfillment through independence, responsibility and leadership.

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